AVI-CR Automatic Vehicle Identification Code Reader


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An Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system consists of an AVI transmitter, an optional AVI security device, a sensing loop, and an AVI receiver. The transmitter and receiver must be configured to use the same AVI code. Some transmitters are capable of transmitting more than one AVI code at a time or can change codes based on the state of a switch. The optional security device can be used to ensure that a transmitter will not work if removed from a vehicle (the transmitter and security device are permanently paired). The sensing loop is typically a coil of wire embedded in the driving surface. The sensing loop can be used as an inductive vehicle detection loop as well. Some receivers are capable of receiving more than one AVI code to activate its output.

The AVI-CR is a hand held unit used to verify the operation of AVI transmitters. Since most transmitters will already be mounted on a vehicle, the code reader is supplied with a sensing wand. The sensing wand has an extendable shaft that allows the unit to be compacted for storage. The handheld display unit can be used with or without the sensing wand and is capable of receiving up to four codes at once from the same transmitter.

The AVI-CR is delivered as four items:

  1. Display unit
  2. Extendable Sensing wand 
  3. Coiled cord 
  4. 9 volt battery