DSP-100T, Vehicle Detector

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The DSP-100 vehicle detector has been specifically designed to handle all traffic applications and is the industry’s smallest shelf mounted detector.  Working on virtually any size loop, the DSP-100 tunes itself automatically to the best operating frequency within the selected range.  The DSP-100’s inherent noise filtering algorithms allow it to work reliably in any electrical situation.  The "RT" and "ST" models have front-panel switches to select both extension and delay timing.  With its rugged enclosure, easily accessible switches, and built-in flexibility the DSP-100 is the most “user friendly” detector on the market today.

Ordering Information
DSP-100-x y
              | |__ y = blank = No timing
              |      y = T = Delay and extension timing
              |___ x = R = Relay model
                     x = S = Solid state model

Example:  DSP-100-RT is a DSP-100 with relay outputs and delay and extension timing.