• DSP-13S (Sensor)
  • RK-3 (3 position rack)
  • RK-1 (Single position rack with relay)

DSP-13 Tri-Axis Detection (TRIAD®) System

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The DSP-13 Tri-Axis Detection (TRIADTM) System is designed to be an accurate, reliable, and easy to install detection system.  The system is comprised of two parts, a master unit (DSP-13M) and a sensor (DSP-13S). 

The advanced sensor’s small size and high sensitivity make it ideally suited to vehicle detection applications.  The detection area of the DSP-13 ranges from a 3' x 3' to 15' x 15'; based upon the Sensitivity setting on the front panel.

The TRIAD system utilizes a single saw cut to the point of the DSP-13 Sensor placement.  The DSP-13 Sensor must be installed into a 1" minimum core with a minimum depth of 4".  The DSP-13 Sensor requires no specific orientation due to the three axis technology and is simply installed into the core and back filled with sand and sealed.

The DSP-13M (Master) is installed in the control box.  It requires a 10 pin connection.  Ask Diablo Controls, Inc. about our RK-1 (One position rack) and RK-3 (Three position rack) that will allow the installer to hard wire the Triad® System.

The TRIAD system is capable of holding vehicle detection for an indefinite period of time.  It can even remember vehicle detections through power outages.  Even if a vehicle parks in the detection zone while power is removed, when power is restored the detector will sense that there is now a vehicle in the detection zone.  This gives you an extra level of safety not available with other detection systems.  (Patent Pending)

Part Numbers:

DSP-13-75 = Includes the Master, Rack and the Sensor with 75' length
DSP-13-100 = Includes the Master, Rack and the Sensor with 100' length