DSP 55

DSP-55, Plug-In Vehicle Detector

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The DSP-55 detector is intended to be a full-featured single channel detector that can work with both inductive loops as well as the new Diablo Controls mini-loops. Many features have been included which are normally found only on more expensive models. The small package is powered by a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller that does not skimp on performance. The DSP-55 detector has a small footprint and was designed to retrofit into many existing locations that may require a detector upgrade. This allows maintenance personnel to carry only one detector to meet most, if not all, of their vehicle detection needs.

The detector uses a 10-pin Molex connector for its connections and has three solid-state (open-collector) outputs. The solid-state outputs allow for a smaller total package size, lower power consumption, and elimination of contact bounce.

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