Diablo Controls is a leader in the traffic and access control industry. For over 40 years, we have pioneered the most important innovations in the history of the traffic control industry. In fact, we changed the entire course of traffic control electronics by introducing the first microcontrollers to the traffic and parking industries.

Our Long List of Industry Firsts Include The First:

  • microprocessor NEMA controller
  • microcontroller safety monitor
  • digital period-measurement vehicle detector
  • liquid crystal display traffic controller
  • multi-tasking based central traffic control master

Our remarkable team has more inductive loop and Mini-vehicle detectors currently operating to their credit than any other group in the world. Additional innovations include anti-coincidence, Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), and Directional logic equipment.

Our products are easily purchased at any one of our many worldwide distributors. Our distributors are highly skilled industry technicians themselves and can offer you the proper guidance to select the Diablo Controls product best suited to your application.

Our mission is simple. We supply a family of reliable, yet simple, electronic control and detection devices to the traffic, access and parking industries that can be easily installed. That’s why pros who know…trust Diablo.