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  1. 7 Surprising Benefits Of Automatic Vehicle Identification

    As an access control company or product distributor, you know the importance of properly functioning Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Systems. At Diablo Controls, we want you to understand the benefits of an AVI system so that you can make the best decision possible for your parking lot, garage, or facility. Sell access control devices? Get your customers the best po…Read More

  2. Top 9 Uses For An Automatic Vehicle Identifier System

    Automatic vehicle detection is used in large number of industries, whether it be commercial or residential. Businesses can use an AVI system to detect vehicles for entry, service, and more. At Diablo Controls, we offer the AVI-100-RD, which will be the topic of this post. We’ll discuss the top nine ways this AVI system can be used across numerous industries with the same…Read More

  3. Important Features Of An Automatic Vehicle Identification Code Reader

    When it comes to access control, you only want the best. An automatic vehicle identification code reader (AVI-CR) enhances any access control system. Diablo Controls’ AVI systems come with four components: AVI transmitter, AVI security device (optional), sensing loop, and an AVI receiver. All four components work together to create a “hands free” or manual access con…Read More

  4. Welcome to Diablo Controls!

    We’re excited to see you reading our blog! At Diablo Controls, we focus on traffic, parking, and access control systems. Our story begins in Diablo, California, where an engineer got into the detector business. The engineer soon met a software developer in the same industry, and they decided to go into business together, establishing what is now known as Diablo Controls.…Read More