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This security device communicates with the Diablo Controls AVI-X transmitter every time the unit is powered up.  Without this coded handshake, the transmitter will remain disabled, this ensuring the transmitter will be useless if stolen.

Every AVI-SD device has a unique identification number.  When an AVI-X transmitter is connected and the system is powered up, the AVI-X will check for the existence of an AVI-SD with the correct identification number.  If the AVI-SD is not found or the correct identification number is not received, the transmitter will not operate.

The first time the AVI-X is powered up while connected to an AVI-SD, the AVI-X will marry itself to that AVI-SD device.  If a transmitter is stolen the AVI-SD can be married to another AVI-X transmitter.

The green Power LED will be on steady to indicate the security device is operating and powered with the proper 12 VDC.  The red Alternate Code LED will turn on when the alternate code switch is activated.

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AVI-SD Security Device

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Operating Voltage: 11VDC – 16VDC
Operating Current: <10 milliamps (not including AVI-X Transmitter)
Operating Temperature: -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)
Physical Size: 1.55″ H x 2.90″ W x 1.62″D


7 position spring cage clamp terminal block for high reliability in a high vibration environment. Terminal assignments (from left to right)
1 – Power +12VDC
2 – Power Ground
3 – Transmitter Power
4 – Transmitter Ground
5 – Transmitter Auxiliary Function
6 – Alternate Code Switch
7 – Switch Ground
NOTE: Only AVI-X transmitters manufactured after May of 2015 support the use of the AVI-SD device.