This directional logic device supplies the direction that a vehicle is going by using two detectors connected to two loops. Using this approach, one simply connects the relay outputs from the two vehicle detectors to the DLD-2’s inputs and the unit takes it from there. It carefully measures the inputs and determines the direction the vehicle is moving.


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  • Adds yet another new dimension of simplicity to the industry
  • No switches to set, no buttons to push, no questions to ask.
  • Replaces a boxful of relays to generate the required logic

Application Notes

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Designed specifically to handle parking, drive-through and access control applications.

Cut Sheet

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DLD-2 – click to download

Instructions & Specs

Power: 10 to 30 volts AC or DC, 3 mA typical

Power Indicator: The green LED is the power indicator. If power is within the stated limits, the green power LED should be on steady.

Directional Indicator: This LED, located on the right side of the front panel, is bi-color – green, red, or off. When the A loop is entered first, the LED will blink with a green indication until the B loop is entered. It then turns a solid green. If the B loop is entered first, then the LED will blink with a red indication until the A loop is entered. It then turns a solid red. When the loops are both cleared, this LED will be dark.