The DSP-20 is a dual channel vehicle detector with built-in directional logic controls.  Front panel switches allows the user to select between two independent channels or directional logic mode.

The DSP-20 is a dual channel detector that uses advanced channel scanning technology to provide superior noise tolerance.  The scanning technology allows for placement of loops closer together (even overlapping) than ever possible with single channel detectors.

Ordering Information
LV = 10 to 30 volts DC

Ordering Information

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  • Directional Logic
  • Advanced technology with superior noise tolerance.
  • Selectable fail-safe or failsecure operation.
  • Selectable Presence or Pulse operation.
  • 4 selectable sensitivity settings and sensitivity boost allow for a wide range of uses.
  • Loop monitoring provides a fault display when a loop failure is detected.
  • Fault memory gives a unique display when a fault has occurred but the system is currently functioning properly.
  • Flicker display shows occupancy of the detection zone after a pulse output has been generated.

Application Notes

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The DSP-20 can be used as a two-channel detector on any roadway loop for all parking and access applications.

The DSP-20 has the flexibility to be either “Fail Safe” or “Fail Secure”, Pulse or Presence, and has built in directional logic controls.

Cut Sheet

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Instructions & Specs

The user manual for the DSP-20 can be found below.
Click the link below to download a PDF of the DSP-20 User Manual.

DSP-20 User Manual