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The DSP-22-1 detector is designed to be a low power, direct
replacement for the existing DoorKing Model 9410 single channel inductive loop vehicle detectors for the parking and access control industries. The DSP-22-1 loop detector plugs into the loop detector ports on the DoorKing operator control board.

The DSP-22-1 operates as a single channel detector. The DSP-22-1 is a detector that uses advanced channel scanning technology to provide superior noise tolerance.

The DSP-22-1 always operates in the Fail-safe mode of operation.

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Ordering Information

DSP-22-1: Detector Only
DSP-22-1-75: Detector + 75′ Probe
DSP-22-1-100: Detector + 100′ Probe


3D Models

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SAT or STEP Models available upon request




Loop Inductance: 20μH to 1500μH (including lead-in inductance)
Operating Temperature: -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)
Operating Voltage: 14 volts to 27 volts DC


Operating Current:
No Detect 0.69 milliamps typical @ 20VDC.
In Detect 26.43 milliamps typical @ 20VDC.
Response Time: 152 ms typical. 280 ms worst case.
Output Rating: 250 milliamps at 30 volts maximum
Pulse Output: 250ms ±15ms on period followed by a 250ms off period
before the next pulse can begin