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The DSP-22-2 detector is designed to be a low power, direct replacement for the existing DoorKing Model 9409 & 9405 dual channel inductive loop vehicle detectors for the parking and access control industries. The DSP-22-2 loop detector plugs into the loop detector ports on the DoorKing operator control board.

The DSP-22-2 operates as two independent channels. The DSP-22-2 is a dual channel detector that uses advanced channel scanning technology to provide superior noise tolerance. The scanning technology allows for placement of loops closer together (when both loops are connected to the same detector) than ever possible with single channel detectors.

The DSP-22-2 always operates in the Fail-safe mode of operation.

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Ordering Information

DSP-22-2: Detector Only
DSP-22-2-75: Detector + 75′ Probe
DSP-22-2-100: Detector + 100′ Probe

3D Models

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SAT or STEP Models available upon request



Loop Inductance: 20μH to 1500μH (including lead-in inductance)
Operating Temperature: -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)
Operating Voltage: 14 volts to 27 volts DC

Operating Current:
No Channel in Detect 1.62 milliamps typical.
Channel 1 in Detect 23.94 milliamps typical.
Channel 2 in Detect 30.75 milliamps typical.
Both Channels in Detect 33.60 milliamps typical.
Response Time: 181 ms typical. 314 ms worst case.
Output Channel 1 Rating: Solid-state, open-drain output
250 milliamps at 30 volts maximum
Output Channel 2 Rating: Relay: N.O. and N.C. contacts provided
30 VDC, 2 amps (resistive)
110 VDC, 0.3 amps (resistive)
125 VAC, 0.5 amps (resistive)
Pulse Output: 250ms on period followed by a 250ms off period before the next pulse can begin