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The DSP-100 vehicle detector has been specifically designed to handle most traffic applications and is very tolerant of noise and cross-talk conditions. Working on virtually any size loop, the DSP-100 tunes itself automatically and provides constant tracking to deal with environmental changes.  The DSP-100’s inherent noise filtering algorithms allow it to work reliably in almost any electrical situation.

The DSP-100 is available with a relay or solid-state output.  The “RT” and “ST” models have front-panel switches to select both extension and delay timing.  The operation of the timing functions can be modified by using the Delay Inhibit (also known as Phase Green) input.


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DSP-100 Detector
DSP-100T Detector



3D Models

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SAT or STEP Models available upon request



Loop Inductance: 20 µH to 1500 µH (including lead-in)
Operating Temperature: -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)
Operating Voltage: 90 to 140 VAC
Enclosure:  Extruded  Aluminum
3.500″(H) x 2.130″ (W) x 4.231″ (D)
88.90mm (H) x 54.10mm (W) x 107.47mm (D)
Output Ratings:
Solid-State Open Collector, 30 mA max, 30 VDC max
Relay 3A, 150 VDC or 300 VAC
Connector: Standard 10-pin MS. See Cut Sheet for Pin assignments.