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Cut Sheets

File Description File Size
AVICR-CUT-B AVI CR Cut Sheet 212kB
AVI222-CUT-A AVI-222 Cut Sheet 2497kB
AVI40-CUT-G AVI-40 Cut Sheet 206kB
AVIX-CUT-D AVI-X Cut Sheet 196kB
DLD2-CUT-A DLD-2 Directional Logic Device 199kB
DML9LP-CUT-B DML-9LP Low Power Vehicle Detector 1146kB
Mini-Loop-Installation-DMP-9LP DML-9LP Mini Loop Instructions 600kB
DSP10-CUT-C DSP-10 Vehicle Detector 1313kB
DSP-11-CUT-A DSP-11 Vehicle Detector 472kB
DSP13-CUT-J DSP-13 Cut Sheet 2687kB
DSP-15-CUT-D DSP-15 Cut Sheet 232kB
DSP-19-CUT-C DSP-19 Cut Sheet 276kB
DSP20-CUT-E DSP-20 Cut Sheet 551kB
DSP21-CUT-H DSP-21 Cut Sheet 310kB
DSP22-2-CUT-B1 DSP-222 Cut Sheet 475kB
DSP22-CUT-A DSP-22S Vehicle Detector 96kB
DSP262-CUT-A DSP-262 Dual Channel Vehicle Detector 230kB
DSP40-CUT-D DSP-40 Plug-In Vehicle Detector 169kB
DSP55-CUT-D DSP-55 Loop and Mini-Loop Vehicle Detector 864kB
 DSP6LP-CUT-C DSP-6LP Low Power Vehicle Detector 1132kB
 DSP7-CUT-D DSP-7 Vehicle Detector 1047kB
 DSP7LP-CUT-A DSP-7LP Low Power Vehicle Detector 1115kB


Installation Instructions

File Description File Size
DSP13-MAN-F DSP13 Install Instructions 900kB


Technical Data

File Description File Size
AVI-X Install Instructions v1.0 AVI X Install Instructions 380kB
Figure-8-Loop-Application-Example-Formatted Figure 8 Loop Example 434kB
General-Loop-Rules-Rev-A General Loop Rules Rev A 394kB
Mini-Loop-Installation-DMP-9LP-2014-01-14 Mini Loop Install Instructions 262kB
Vehicle-Detection-Using-Inductive-Loops-2014-10-02 Vehicle Detection Using Inductive Loops 199kB


User Manuals

File Description File Size
DSP10-MAN-C DSP-10 User Manual 1950kB
DSP13-MAN-G DSP-13 User Manual 2059kB
DSP15-MAN-B DSP-15 User Manual 1741kB
DSP19-MAN-A DSP-19 User Manual 10057kB
DSP20-MAN-B DSP-20 User Manual 7743kB
DSP21-MAN-B DSP-21 User Manual 1769kB
DSP22-2-MAN-A1 DSP-22-2 User Manual 1008kB
DSP55-MAN-C DSP-55 User Manual 2364kB